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5 Ways Our Clinic Can Help With Depression.

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How Common is Depression?

Dan Steffens Certified Pedorthist and Clinic Owner
Dan Steffens - Certified Pedorthist and Clinic Owner

Depression is among the most common type of mental disorders in the US, with an estimated 21 million adults in the US experiencing at least one major depressive episode. Fortunately, there are treatments available for each level of depression that help in managing the disorder.

The primary forms of treatment for depression are medication, therapy, or a combination of both. Before starting any form of treatment, it is highly recommended to book an appointment with a doctor who can perform a diagnosis and then advise you on the best treatment option for you.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are an alternative form of depression treatment that is less invasive than therapy and doesn't require harsh medications with a high risk of addiction. You might be wondering, how can a chiropractor help with my depression?

Spine misalignments interfere with chemical and hormone production, which are vital for maintaining mental and physical health. A chiropractor is an expert at correcting spinal misalignments, opening communication pathways that allow your body to report to your brain.


Contrary to what most people believe, depression is not purely a psychological condition. Depression can be triggered by many factors, such as chemical imbalances to chronic pain. Since chronic pain is a significant risk factor for depression, you can manage the pain through already available treatments like physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy is a tested and proven treatment that focuses on the physical symptoms of depression. Exercises stimulate the body's nervous system, releasing endorphin hormones, improving overall mood and lowering stress.

Physiotherapy treatment is an excellent alternative for patients who don't want to consume anti-depressant medications. The treatment has no side effects and can improve your mood after a single session. However, physiotherapy is a short-term solution that requires regular physical exercises for prolonged results.


Massage therapy is an ancient treatment that originates from China circa 3,000 years ago. While research needs to be conducted to determine massage's effectiveness on mental health, it can be implemented as an alternative form of treatment.

Studies have shown there is a relationship between physical issues and depression. When your connective tissues and muscles become stiff, it dramatically hampers your movement. Massage therapy helps relieve these pain points, promoting relaxation and increasing blood flow. They also have an immediate effect, with some feeling calm and relaxed as soon as the massage begins.


Dr. Carleen Lawther - Chiropractor
Dr. Carleen Lawther - Chiropractor

Self-care is an umbrella term that covers anything you do deliberately to improve or maintain a healthy physical, mental, and emotional well-being. As simple as it sounds, for people living with depression, self-care can feel like a massive undertaking because it requires lifestyle changes that can be difficult to drop. Here are some tips that can help you improve self-care:

  • Paying attention to your mind
  • Self-help groups
  • Therapy
  • Involving loved ones
  • Self-help groups

Work With Our Staff

When seeking treatment for depression, the first step involves going to a doctor or a mental health clinic for a diagnosis. A supportive and understanding doctor you can open up to freely is a significant part of the treatment. A practitioner invested in your well-being, physically and mentally, will go a long way to ensure you get the best solutions for your depression.

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