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Are you a School Teacher Looking for Physiotherapy Treatment?

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Compression Socks Teachers

Yes itís that time of year again! The summer has flown by and a brand new school year is upon us. Starting a new school year can be a challenge for students and teachers alike, however the physical demands of teaching can set in fast and make for an uncomfortable return to work. Teachers are on their feet on hard flooring for prolonged periods of time or can spend extended periods of time at a desk. Very different activities but both can pose problems. But have no fear, because we are here to help ease the transition!

How Can Orthotics Assist Teachers?

Standing in front of a class or chasing after littles can result in increased pressure and strain in the lower body and feet. Poor alignment in the feet and legs can also contribute to low back pain. Proper footwear and orthotics can be helpful to provide a stable supportive base and reduce fatigue in the lower body. Shoes with increased cushioning can reduce shock and the orthotics can correct any alignment issues as well as spread out the weight distribution under the foot allowing for a more comfortable work day.

Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Treatment for Teachers?

Working at a desk all day can also lead to additional issues that are quite common with back to school time. These include neck and upper back discomfort, postural issues including increased tightness in the hips and weakness of the glute muscles which can lead to chronic hip and back pain. Massage therapy, Chiropractic treatment and Physiotherapy all are helpful forms of treatment to get you feeling your best as you move forward through a new school year.

Prevent Blood Pooling and Venous Stasis with Compression Socks

Compression socks are also recommended for individuals who are standing or sitting for prolonged periods and teachers certainly qualify in this category. Extended sitting or standing causes pooling of blood in the veins due to gravity and can cause aching and swelling in the lower legs as well as varicose vein development. Compression socks work against gravity to keep your blood circulating preventing the pooling that can cause discomfort.

Getting back into the groove of a new school year can be tough, but ensuring you are prepared and doing what you can to keep your body healthy can make the transition that much easier. 

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