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How to Treat Lower Back Pain

Do you have lower back pain? You are not alone.

Dr. Carleen Lawther - Chiropractor
Dr. Carleen Lawther - Chiropractor

Lower back pain is among the most common reasons people seek a doctor's consultation in an emergency. The health problem of lower back pain is now a rising cause of concern in all developed countries. The causes of lower back pain may vary between the young and the elderly population, based on their unique activities and lifestyles. Individuals with lower back pain also complain of muscle tension and stiffness in their lower back muscles. However, the most important symptom of lower back pain originating from a nonspecific cause is the disability it causes by interfering with one's ability to carry out everyday activities.

Causes Of Back Pain

The common causes of back pain include prolonged sitting periods at the workplace, muscle sprains, fractures, spinal stenosis, disc herniation, arthritis, or inflammation.

Prolonged sitting

Sitting for a long time, especially in unhealthy postures, is a major causative factor for back pain. This is because prolonged sitting can lead to increased stress on an individual's beck, arms, legs, and back. It may also add increased pressure on the spinal disks and back muscles.

Muscle Sprains

Muscle strains or sprains are considered one of the most common causes of lower back pain. These are frequently triggered by picking up a heavy object or undergoing a sudden twisting or bending motion.


Although less common, fractures are also found to be one of the causes of lower back pain. They may be caused by an accident or a trauma directly to the bones forming the lower back.


Chronic cases of lower back pain are mainly associated with arthritis, which is a condition affecting the joints. There are numerous forms of arthritis, some inflammatory in origin, the others degenerative. However, the type that most commonly affects the lower back is spinal arthritis, also known as spondyloarthropathies.

Treatment Options For Back Pain

The two most common approaches suggested for back pain include the pharmacological approach and the non-pharmacological approach.

Pharmacological Approach

While the pharmacological approach includes the prescription of inflammatory drugs like NSAIDs, which help improve the swelling and pain in back pain associated with arthritis.

Massage and Physiotherapy

Massage Therapy MyoDynamic Health

The non-pharmacological approach includes the use of physical therapy, massaging, and chiropractic for the lower back. The main benefit of physical therapy is that it does not only allow relief from the painful symptoms of lower back pain but also promotes strengthening of the deep muscles. This is particularly important for back pain that is caused by muscle sprain, as targeting the right muscle during the physiotherapeutic massage can provide almost immediate pain relief to the patient. This also helps improve the range of motion and allows the individual to return to their everyday activities as soon as possible. The other treatment that may be offered for back pain, in combination with Physiotherapy, includes acupuncture, ultrasound, TENS.

The Bottom Line

Lower back pain can be highly debilitating for the individual, as it may interfere with their everyday activities. The common causes of lower back pain include muscle sprain, prolonged sitting, trauma, and arthritis. Even though pain relief therapy may provide immediate relief from the back pain, these may come with their own side effects in the long term, and experts recommend measures like physiotherapy. Physiotherapy may provide not only long-term pain relief but also promote the strengthening of the muscles and improved range of motion.

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