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How to Treat Sciatica?

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Treat Sciatica

Radiating Sciatic Nerve Pain

Lower back pain or discomfort that extends to the buttocks is usually caused by sciatica. This is a frequent condition that affects around 40% of the population. Visiting a chiropractor or a physiotherapist can help ease the pain and alleviate the condition. Furthermore, these professionals can give you a few recommendations to help you prevent the condition from developing again. In this article, we'll explain why you should visit a chiropractor or a physiotherapist if you suffer from sciatica.

What Causes Sciatica

Sciatica pain usually occurs when the sciatica nerve gets pinched by a herniated spinal disc. However, it can also happen when the spine narrows due to multiple reasons, such as aging or trauma. This results in nerve compression and pain. This nerve traverses the spine down to the legs. Therefore, it can be affected when there are issues related to the spine. As the cause is mainly associated with spinal disc malposition, performing specific movements and exercises can release the nerve and ease the pain. However, it is essential to be done or guided by a professional chiropractor or physiotherapist. The reason is that performing certain moves or wrongly doing them could increase the pain instead of easing it.

What can a Chiropractor and Physiotherapists do?

Both chiropractors and physiotherapists are trained to assess and determine the cause of your discomfort and provide the respective care. If needed, professionals can examine an x-ray of your spine to determine the exact cause of your sciatica. Afterward, they can implement therapy designed specially to treat your condition. This therapy mainly consists of manipulating your joints and spine to release the nerve and ease the pain. Stretching and applying pressure to specific areas of your body can help decompress or relocate the spinal discs to back their natural position. Therefore, easing any discomfort. Moreover, they can use other methods, such as cold and hot therapies, to improve the therapy results further. Lastly, they are also trained to perform special chiropractic massages. Fortunately, these massages' goal is to provide deep muscle relaxation to release endorphins that act as painkillers.

How to prevent sciatica?

Your chiropractor can give you personalized tips to prevent sciatica. Such as:

  • Exercises: They can recommend and teach specific exercises for your lower back. Strengthening it can prevent spinal disc compression.
  • Breaks during work: Sitting all day in the same position can affect your back. Therefore, it is recommended to take short breaks to stretch. Your therapist can show you how to do it properly.
  • Take yoga classes: some yoga positions can stretch and decompress your spine. Therefore, preventing your sciatica nerve from being pinched.

Chiropractors and/or physiotherapists can help you ease the pain faster. They are trained to perform massages and movements that help adjust your spine to release the sciatic nerve. If you are experiencing any discomfort, make sure to make an appointment with a chiropractor. They can provide you with quick relief, leaving their office feeling refreshed and free of pain.

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