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Lauren Simonds HBSc, C. Ped (C)

Certified Pedorthist

Saucony Echelon

This weeks featured product here at Myodynamic Health is a longtime favourite shoe of both myself and Dan. It is the shoe that we tend to recommend the most since it seems to be a great everyday walking shoe that works well for a variety of foot types and foot conditions. So with that being said, this weeks Featured footwear is… the Saucony Echelon.

The Saucony Echelon has been a staple for Saucony and for footwear professionals since its first version was introduced to the market more than 10 years ago. More recently, the 5th version of the Saucony Echelon under went some upgrades including last design (shape) and it was the first Saucony model to include a 8mm removable footbed allowing it to easily accommodate custom made orthotics. The Echelon is one of Saucony’s most versatile shoes and is a favourite amongst runners and walkers alike!

Why we Pedorthists love it

  • It comes in extra depth allowing us a lot of freedom as far as material choices and cushioning when adding orthotics since we aren’t limited by space in the shoe
  • It comes in 3 different widths for both men and women making it a great option for our patients that can’t seem to find a well fitted running/walking shoe.
  • The toe box is wide and rooming making it great for patients with a wider foot or with conditions such as hammer toes, bunions or neuropathy (eg. Diabetics)
  • The soling provides a nice wide, solid platform and since it is considered a Neutral shoe it allows us to do the correction required using the orthotics. We love when the shoe can be the sturdy platform we need for the orthotics to do their job!

  • Why our patients love it

    “A great fit and is true to size. I’ve always found it difficult to find shoes to fit my extra wide size 14 feet. The echelon was absolutely perfect.”

    “I love the extra wide version of this shoe. No break-in time needed. Fit perfect with no heel slipping. I will order again”

    “Excellent quality all around. Comfort and material. And I was so happy how nicely my orthotics fit in with plenty of wiggle room.”