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What Happens When You Donít Treat a Concussion?

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When concussions occur, and you donít undergo physiotherapy or chiropractic, you may suffer dangerous consequences. Hitting your head may not seem like a severe case; however, seeking concussion treatment is helpful. You may not also have to hit your head hard to suffer from a concussion.

Risks And Outcomes Associated with Untreated Concussion

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Impacts on the body or head cause traumatic brain damage known as a concussion. Concussions have immediate symptoms like dizziness, headaches, nausea, light sensitivity and blurred visions. In contrast, other chronic symptoms may appear weeks or months after the incident.

Many people experience concussions from extreme sports and accidents like falling and hitting their head or car accidents. Letís look at a few risks and outcomes associated with untreated concussions:


Depression makes you feel extreme lows or sadness that never goes away, even months later. An untreated concussion may cause this feeling and end up interfering with your relationships, hobbies and overall productivity. However, proper concussion treatment like physiotherapy eliminates the risks of depression or reduces how long it affects you.

Some people may experience mood changes like emotional outbursts or increased aggression after a concussion. These outcomes increase when you donít seek a chiropractor.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of depression here are 5 ways our clinic can help with depression.

    Nausea and Fatigues

    In mild cases of concussions, you feel nauseous and exhausted for a few days or weeks after the accident. This happens because your injured brain tries to regulate your bodyís systems but works at a lower rate. During chiropractic sessions, your body tries to heal; you feel sluggish and dizzy.

    Memory Difficulties

    Concussions make you forget things quickly and have a problem with taking in new information or forming further information. Depending on the situation, these effects may last for a few months or lifelong. Hence crucial to seek chiropractic sessions early.

    Occular Reflex Training
    Why Booking in With a Physiotherapist Is Important

    A physiotherapist is essential for concussion treatment. Physiotherapy involves taking several concussion tests that guide your chiropractor on the causes of symptoms and a specialized treatment plan. For instance, your chiropractor may prescribe ocular reflex training for visual problems or balance training for vestibular problems.

    Ways You Can Treat Concussion Yourself

    To begin with, know if you first have a concussion and do the following to avoid long-term concussion effects:

    • Avoid future risks of having seizures
    • Note if you have a head injury early
    • Recognize arising problems to keep your brain healthy
    • Help your chiropractor diagnose a concussion early

    However, if you already have an untreated concussion, do the below to help treat a trauma at home:


    Sleep as often as you can after your concussion, and avoid much stress, visual stimulation, and sound. This way, your brain can quickly recover and repair its damaged parts.

    Graduated Exercise

    After an accident, your brain experiences an energy crisis. To avert this, start with low-level cardio activities, like 30 minutes regularly, while you gradually increase your workout time.

    Reduce Stress

    Your brain temporarily blocks occurrences when you face a traumatic event; however, you get under a lot of stress when this episode is over. Try mindfulness/ meditation, yoga, journaling, talking to a trusted person and more.


    It is challenging to focus on breathing alone, but this is the easiest way to adjust your brain oxygen and mental state. Slowly inhaling and exhaling changes your physiology in a short time when you are under stress.

    The Bottom-Line

    At the myodynamic health clinic, our patients get the proper physiotherapy and chiropractic exercises required to ensure proper concussion treatment. Our professional physiotherapists and chiropractors work with you to devise the right treatment plan. Schedule a free consultation today, and you won't regret it.

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