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Sever's Disease

Osteochondrosis is a family of conditions that result in defective bone formation in the growth plate of a developing bone. Sever's Disease/Syndrome describes osteochondrosis of the posterior calcaneus (back of the heel). It is caused by excessive tension/pull of the Achilles tendon on the heel bone.

Common symptoms include:

  • Typically found in active growing teenagers. Most commonly Boys age 9-13.
  • Swelling and pain throughout the back of the heel just above the Achilles insertion (growth plate)
  • Worse during and following activity especially sports involving lateral movement (basketball, soccer, tennis etc.)
  • Discomfort when heel is squeezed on both sides.
  • Walking on tiptoes is commonly seen to avoid pain.

If these conditions sound familiar, book your appointment today and let us help you get back on your feet pain free!

Custom Orthotics Designed for Achilles Tendonitis:
  • Mild heel lift - this will reduce tension on the Achilles tendon, allowing for the region to heel at a faster rate.
  • Shock absorbent heel cushioning - aids in dissipating pressure throughout the heel and prevents inflammation in the Achilles/heel bone region.
  • Neutral casting - to align your feet and lower limbs in order to place them in the most optimal position for gait.
  • Deep heel cup - will lock the heel bone in place and act as a cast/brace to hold the heel bone in a stationary position during activity.