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Treatment for Meniscus Tear

Effective recovery after a meniscus tear involves proper post-surgery care, including pain management, following healthcare professionals' instructions, and participating in specialized rehabilitation exercises. At MyoDynamic Clinic, our healthcare experts offer three pre/post-surgery care services to aid in recovery.

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Custom Knee Brace Fitting For Meniscus

Custom Knee Brace for Meniscus Barrie

A personalized knee brace offers optimal support and security after knee surgery or injury. Our experts measure and fit you with a customized brace for a comfortable and secure fit.

Gait Analysis with Pedorthist:

A proper walking technique is critical for healing and preventing further injury. Our pedorthist evaluates your walking style and recommends modifications to your footwear or custom orthotics to correct any issues and improve walking comfort and safety.

Physiotherapy for Meniscus Tear

A customized treatment plan with personalized exercises and rehabilitation techniques is essential for a successful recovery from your meniscus tear. Regular check-ins with your physiotherapist help track progress and adjust the treatment plan as needed.

At MyoDynamic Clinic, we provide a personalized treatment plan based on your injury and progress. Our physiotherapy treatment plan typically involves various stages of recovery, as outlined below:

Physiotherapy of Meniscus

Week 1-2:

Focus on reducing swelling, managing pain, and maintaining range of motion. Treatment methods may include compression, gentle exercises, and gentle exercises to improve joint movement.

Week 3-4:

Focus on enhancing strength and stability around the knee joint, working on balance and coordination exercises. Treatment may involve exercises to strengthen the hamstrings, quads and buttocks (gluteus medius/maximus) muscles.

Week 5-6:

Focus on improving endurance and returning to normal activities, including functional movements to improve mobility and flexibility. The goal of rehab will be to enhance cardiovascular fitness and endurance and functional movements to improve flexibility and mobility.

Week 7-8:

Focus on sports-specific activities and preparing for a return to sports, including exercises to simulate sports movements. Your Physiotherapist may provide exercises to promote athletic movements, such as lunges and jumps, pivoting and sprinting.

It's important to note that every patient's recovery journey is unique, and our healthcare experts work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that suits your specific needs and goals.

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