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Zimmer Splint: Combining Physiotherapy and Knee Braces for Optimal Recovery

Knee injuries can be quite debilitating, especially if you require surgery to correct the issue. Zimmer splints are orthopedic braces that help immobilize the knee joint, aiding in post-operative recovery.

This article will explore the advantages of two popular Zimmer splint products: the X-ACT ROM Knee and the 3-Panel Knee Splint. We will also highlight the importance of additional post-surgery care, including customized knee braces and physiotherapy.

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X-ACT ROM Knee vs. 3-Panel Knee Splint:

Zimmer Splint Barrie
X-Act ROM Knee $194-230

X-ACT ROM Knee - Zimmer Splint:

The X-ACT ROM Knee is a light, simple brace that fits perfectly after knee surgery. It has anti-slip foam and a flexible frame that moulds to the shape of your leg. The brace is made to give proper protection and support after knee surgery.

The X-ACT ROM Knee is pricier than the 3-Panel Knee Splint, costing around $194-$230. Nonetheless, it comes with multiple benefits, such as:

  • Flexion/extension adjustment: The X-ACT ROM Knee brace can be adjusted to accommodate your unique range of motion requirements.
  • Anti-migration design: The special foam and frame in the equipment stop it from slipping or moving during use.
  • Universal fit: The X-ACT ROM Knee has a universal fit design that can accommodate most patients.
  • More robust material: The product is designed with durable materials that offer enhanced support and protection for the knee joint.

This brace is well-constructed and somehow relatively quite comfortable. However, similar to other braces in its category, it may become uncomfortable after extended wear. While the brace is completely adjustable, individuals with exceptionally slim legs may encounter issues with slippage, necessitating a frequent readjustment of the straps.

3- Panel Knee Zimmer Splint
3 Panel Zimmer Splint
3 Panel Zimmer Splint $130-160

The 3-Panel Knee Splint, on the other hand, offers a less expensive alternative and costs between $70-80. The equipment is designed with a three-part blend of nylon and fibre laminate, providing excellent support and immobilization for post-operative knee procedures. It features adjustable side panels, I-beam stays, and a patella strap, making it easy to apply and ensuring a perfect fit.

Despite these advantages, the splint does have a few limitations, including being fixed in a straight position with no flexibility for extension/flexion adjustments. Additionally, some users have reported slight movement or migration of the splint while wearing it. It's also worth noting that a few users have had issues with the size, with some stating that the equipment is too large and slides down the leg and others claiming that it lacks enough Velcro straps to ensure a secure fit. Nonetheless, despite these concerns, most users consider this product excellent and would recommend it to others.

If you are looking to purchase your X-ACT ROM KNEE product or the 3-PANEL KNEE SPLINT for Zimmer Splints, MyoDynamic does carry these in stock. We do recommend a proper complimentary fitting to ensure you are sized correctly.

Post-Surgery Knee Care Services: How to Recover Effectively

Undergoing a knee procedure or any other serious surgery is a significant physical and emotional event, and your recovery period is just as crucial as the operation itself. A successful recovery relies on proper post-surgery care, which includes monitoring and managing pain, following the doctor's orders, and engaging in specific rehabilitation exercises.

However, it's important to remember that using a Zimmer splint is just one aspect of post-surgery care.

At MyoDynamic Clinic, we recommend these three post-surgery care services:

Custom Knee Brace Fitting

Custom Knee Brace Barrie

If you have sustained an injury or undergone knee surgery, a custom knee brace is the best option for providing optimal support and security. Our competent experts will take exact measurements and fit you with a personalized brace, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Physiotherapy for Knee: Treatment Plan

If you have knee fractures or any physical injury and want to recover successfully, personalized treatment plans by a physiotherapist are essential. This is especially true after surgery, when transitioning from using Zimmer splint (knee) equipment, or when searching for alternatives to such tools.

Your physiotherapist will create a customized plan of exercises and rehabilitation techniques specific to your needs. This plan will focus on regaining your strength, mobility, and flexibility. Regular check-ins with your physiotherapist are vital to track progress and make any needed changes to the treatment plan.

Gait Analysis with Pedorthist

Our pedorthist offers a critical gait analysis service to help you walk in a neutral and aligned position, promoting optimal healing and preventing further injury. During the gait analysis, the pedorthist will evaluate your walking style and suggest modifications to your footwear or custom orthotics to correct any issues. This service is designed to improve your walking comfort and safety while ensuring your continued progress toward recovery.

Post-Injury Treatment Protocol

It's essential to have a post-injury treatment protocol in place to ensure a successful recovery. At MyoDynamic Clinic, our physiotherapists will develop a personalized treatment plan based on your injury and progress. Here is an example of a typical post-injury treatment protocol for an ACL or Meniscus injury:

At MyoDynamic Clinic, our physiotherapy treatment plan typically involves different stages of recovery, and here is an example of a typical treatment protocol:

Physiotherapy for Knee

Week 1-2:

During the first two weeks after surgery, the focus is on reducing swelling, controlling pain, and maintaining range of motion. It includes using ice therapy, compression, and gentle exercises to improve joint movement.

Week 3-4:

During this stage, the focus is on improving strength and stability around the knee joint. It may involve exercises to strengthen the quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteal muscles. Your physiotherapist will also work with you on balance and coordination exercises.

Week 5-6:

During this stage, the focus is on improving endurance and returning to normal activities. It can include exercises to improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance and functional movements to improve mobility and flexibility.

Week 7-8:

During this stage, the focus is on sports-specific activities and preparing for a return to sports. This stage often includes exercises to simulate sports movements, such as jumping and landing, cutting and pivoting, and sprinting.

It's important to remember that the above treatment protocol is just an example, and each patient's recovery journey will be unique. Your physiotherapist will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that suits your specific needs and goals.

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