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Orthotics for Shin Splints

Common symptoms include:

  • A dull ache on the front part of the lower leg.
  • Pain becomes worse when exercising, primarily when running on hard surfaces.
  • Pain is typically present on the inner part of the lower leg.
  • Tenderness present when pressed on.

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Custom Orthotics Designed for Shin Splints:

  • Forefoot padding - to absorb the shock at the forefoot and indirectly prevent transferred impact at the shins.
  • Customized arch support - dissipates pressure throughout the foot and up the leg.
  • Full length posting - may be necessary if you are walking in an abducted 'duck' stance position or coming off the inside of the greater toe, causing torsion affects up the leg.
  • Semi-flexible shell - to maintain structure support while providing cushioning and comfort throughout the leg.
  • Neutral casting - to align your feet and lower limbs in order to place them in the most optimal position for gait.

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