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AIRCAST Ankle Stirrup Brace

Anatomically designed semi-rigid shells lined with the patented Duplex™ aircell system for support and graduated compression during ambulation. The compression promotes efficient edema reduction in addition to helping accelerate rehabilitation of ankle sprains.

Indication: Acute injury; Post-op; Ankle sprains grade I, II, III; Chronic instability

Product Features:

  • Semi-Rigid Shells
    Provides support and protection from inversion and eversion.
  • Anatomically Design
    Ensures you’ll get a comfortable fit.
  • Pre-Inflated Aircells
    The brace is ready to wear…all you have to do is strap it on.
  • Streamlined Fit
    Easy to fit in your shoe when it comes time for early protected weight-bearing movement.

Sizing Chart:

DescriptionBrace Length
(XS) Pediatric Ankle Brace6.0" (15cm)
(S) Small Ankle Brace8.7" (22cm)
(M) Training Ankle Brace9.0" (23cm)
(L) Standard Ankle Brace10.5" (27cm)