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DONJOY Playmaker II

The Solution for Mild to Moderate Ligament Injuries

Even mild ligament strains can bring activity levels to a halt. Playmaker II issues the stability needed and the comfort required to empower movement. Playmaker II is the right move, so get your move on! Provides support for hyperextended knee, ACL, MCL, and LCL instabilities caused by injury.


The straps are positioned to enhance the support of the ACL.

Sleeves require you to remove your shoe and slide the brace over your foot. Fits more snugly and stays in place. Once it's on it's requires little adjustment. The negative of a sleeve is it doesn't work well over pants. Wraparound braces are easier to apply especially for those with less hand strength and can be worn over thin pants. The velcro can be tightened or loosened for a more adjustable fit. Great for users who can't bend over as well and have trouble getting a sleeve on or off. The negative of a wraparound brace is the velcro can loosen during activity requiring a quick tightening of the Velcro.

Neoprene has a more compressive and warmth capability than Spacer. The Spacer material is ideal for patients who have allergies or irritations to Neoprene or live in warm weather climates. The Spacer consists of a nylon core with polyester to allow for airflow and sweat prevention.

Designed to Treat and Protect: 

  • ACL Injuries
  • MCL Injuries 
  • LCL Injuries
  • Meniscus Injuries
  • Hyperextended Knee

Features and Benefits: 


Hi10(high tenacity nylon/spandex fabric) offers unmatched comfort and fit


DonJoy's New Advanced Spacer fabric promotes a "cool" environment for activities on all levels

Sizing Chart:

SizeThighKnee CenterCalf
XS13" - 15.5" (33-39 cm)12"-13" (30-33 cm) 10"-12" (25-30 cm)
S15.5" - 18 .5" (39-47 cm)13"-14" (33-35 cm) 12"-14" (30-35 cm)
M18.5" - 21" (47-53 cm)14"-15" (35-38 cm) 14"-16" (35-40 cm)
L21" - 23.5" (53-60 cm)15"-17" (38-43 cm) 16"-18" (40-45 cm)
XL23.5" - 26.5" (60-67 cm)17"-19" (43-48 cm) 18"-20" (45-50 cm)
XXL26.5" - 29.5" (67-75 cm)19"-21" (48-53 cm) 20"-22" (50-55 cm)
XXXL29.5" - 32" (75-83 cm)21"-23" (53-58 cm) 22"-24" (55-60 cm)

    Center Knee1.Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, legs slightly bent and leg muscles contracted.
    6 in Above2. Measure up six inches from the center of your knee with a tape measure, as shown.
    Thig Circle3. Measure the circumference of your thigh at the 6-inch mark, as shown.
    6 in below4. Measure down six inches from the center of your knee with a tape measure, as shown. Then measure the circumference of your calf at the 6-inch mark.