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Cascade DAFO 4

Key Features:

  • Custom fabricated from cast
  • Defined plantar surface contours
  • Full wrap-around shell
    • for flexible control of foot position and alignment
  • Fully integrated padding
    • SMO trimlines
  • allows full plantarflexion and dorsiflexion. Highest level of foot control with no restriction to ankle function
  • Optional anterior and/or posterior straps can provide some medial/lateral control


  • Have strong patterns of pronation and/or supination.
  • Have delayed development with very low tone pronation and sensory issues.
  • Need high levels of specific foot correction but have adequate ankle control for functional level.
  • High levels of floor activities requiring free ankle movement.

Product Variations:

DAFO 4 Wrap-around strap

DAFO 4 Posterior strap

Choose the anterior/posterior wrap-around strap option when using the DAFO 4 to address Moderate High Tone Pronation/Supination or Mild Swing Phase Inconsistency.Choose the posterior strap option when using the DAFO 4 to address Mild Excess Plantarflexion and/or Mild Excess Knee Hyperextension.