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Motion High Tech 412 (Men & Women) 20-30mmHg

SIGVARIS Compression Sock

Benefits Include:

  • Increased circulation and improved blood flow
  • Increased oxygen to muscle tissue
  • Reduced pulled muscles and less exercised-induced muscle soreness in the legs
  • Less lactic acid buildup in the legs during exercise
  • Improved energy, performance and recovery
  • Injury prevention and reduced shin splints & calf cramps

Best Suited For:

  • Management of symptoms related to chronic venous disease
  • People who stand on their feet all day
  • Walking and everyday activities
  • Casual and occupational footwear

    Peak Your Performance

    • Improved blood circulation and oxygen delivery
    • Less aching & cramping
    • Thermal & odor control
    • Achilles tendon protector reduces vibration on ligaments

    Product Features

    • High-tech fibers for thermal control
    • Cushioned footbed, toe, and Achilles tendon zones for optimal comfort
    • Additional compression in calf improves circulation

    Available Styles & Colors:

    • Closed toe
    • Calf - White, Black, Pink, Blue, Red and Lime
    • Compression Level 20-30mmHg
    • Available for Men & Women

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