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Brace for the treatment of muscle injuries to the thigh

The breathable MyoTrain orthopedic brace offers an enhanced alternative to taping for muscle injuries to the thigh and hamstrings, such as muscle fiber tears or pulls, myosclerosis or bruising. The special combination of knit, strap system and two different visco-elastic pressure cushions (pads), which can be added or removed as required, allows swelling to subside more quickly and accelerates the healing process.

  • with an acute visco-elastic pad for immediate help
  • prevents repetitive injuries
  • easy to put on and take off
  • 01 Siliconized edge (inner)
    Remains securely in position, even during movement
  • 02 Knitted fabric
    Anatomical, three-dimensional knitted fabric, adapts to the shape of the body
  • 03 Straps
    Easy to put on and take off, individually adjustable compression
  • 04 Functional and acute pad
    For targeted compression
  • 05 Edges
    Reduced pressure at the edges, increases wearing comfort

Acute Help for the Thigh

Thanks to the oblique design of the individually adjustable tensioning straps, the MyoTrain orthopedic brace exercises precise compression on the musculature. Immediately after injury, the acute pad can be used to apply targeted compression to the affected area, in order to stop hemorrhaging or the spread of hematoma. The larger functional pad with its lengthwise ribbing improves lymphatic circulation and reduces swelling, edema and hematoma. The brace can also be worn without pads at the advanced rehabilitation stage and to prevent further injury.

Taping Without Outside Help

The MyoTrain orthopedic brace works according to the principle of muscle suspension bands (taping). It alleviates pain, accelerates the healing process and prevents further injury. The high-quality materials are durable, breathable and skin-friendly. Since the MyoTrainŽ can also be put on or taken off easily without outside help, it is a more practical and much more hygienic alternative to taping.

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