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DONJOY Carpaform

The DonJoy CarpaForm wrist brace has a "Exoskeleton" design structure. It is specifically designed to help with decompression at the level of the carpal tunnel allowing pain and tingling relief of the hand and wrist area.


Carpal tunnel syndrome
Tendinopathy, Teno-synovitis


Ergonomic, ultra-lightweight design
Supportive exoskeleton design for decompression of carpal nerve Malleable aluminum structure provides tailored support
Supports the wrist in neutral position, can be used at night
Dedicated for either right or left hand use
Easy and simple to adjust and fit
Available in three sizes

SizeWrist Circumference
Small13 cm - 16.5 cm
Medium16.5 cm - 19.5 cm
Large19.5 cm - 25 cm
Measure Wrist RulerMeasure circumference of wrist at ulnar prominence (bump at wrist on on baby finger side).