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The DonJoy® SI Belt provides stabilization of the sacroiliac (SI) joint through direct compression. The silicone grip strips prevent the brace from migrating and "locks" the hips.

Indications: Sacroiliac pain; low back pain; low pack sprains/strains

  • Made of a comfortable mesh material which is both durable and breathable, even during extended periods of use
  • Low profile design makes the DonJoy Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Support Belt ideal to wear underneath clothing
  • Silicone grip strips prevent the support brace from migrating and "locks" the hips
  • Patented Mechanical Advantage Pulley System provides smooth and uniform compression, and allows you to customize the tension
  • An easy to use pull handle allows you to quickly adjust the support brace to your desired level of comfort
Medium25" - 35"
Large35" - 55"