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Levitation® Knee Brace

Knee Extension Assist and Tri-Compartment Unloader™

The unique tri-compartment unloading knee brace combines multiple technologies to:

Reduce pressure throughout the knee:

Levitation is the only knee brace designed to reduce forces in all three compartments of your knee. When the knee is bent, pressure increases throughout the knee, reaching up to seven times bodyweight. Equipped with a patented “bionic” knee extension assist hinge, Levitation absorbs bodyweight, reduces pressure exerted on the knee by the quadriceps.

Realign the knee:

For those with a misalignment of the knee, the optional pneumatic offloader can be added to Levitation to help realign the knee. The offloader reduces pain, improves strength and stability, and diminishes the risk of falling.

Restore strength with bionics:

Levitation’s powerful knee extension assist hinge absorbs energy when you bend your knee and returns that energy as you straighten your leg. The hinge supports the natural motion of the knee joint and helps protect your knees, allowing you to stay active longer. As your strength increases and pain decreases while wearing the brace, the power can be dialed back or turned off altogether.


The shell is made with streamlined, light-weight carbon-fiber. Because of its light weight and durability, carbon fiber is used in airplanes, wind turbine blades, high-end sporting equipment, and Formula 1 race cars.


Our patented knee extension assist hinge works by storing the kinetic energy you create while bending your leg, and then returning that energy as your extend your leg. The technology in our hinge was inspired by the landing gear on high performance aircraft.

Surefit® Strapping Sytem

Our proprietary strapping system moves with your leg as it changes shape, keeping your brace in the right place and preventing the brace from slipping down your leg.

Custom Force Response

We customize the force response delivered across the range of motion of your knee to meet your particular needs.

Adjustable Force Output

The maximum force output and range of motion assisted can be adjusted to suit your changing needs.