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DON JOY Reaction Web Knee Brace 

Get fast relief with a unique, elastomeric web that actually pulls pain away from your knee.

The REACTION WEB is a responsive, webbed approach to knee pain that gives you a distinct alternative to the basic knee sleeve. Developed by world renown orthopedic surgeon, Dr. William Nordt, the REACTION WEB can help decrease knee pain and increase function to get you back to your active lifestyle. The elastomeric web is an innovative solution that absorbs shock, disperses energy and shifts pain away from your knee. This comfortable, easy to apply solution takes the shape of your knee, with an improved design engineered for better fit and comfort. 

Size:Thigh Circumference (6" From Knee Centre)

Undersleeve Included!
- 85% nylon and 15% spandex the undersleeve reduces friction or chaffing.

Reaction Web reduces knee pain, increases function, enhances quality of life and is effective in conservative care for those with patellofemoral pain syndrome.