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MyoDynamic Health specializes in Custom Orthotics in Barrie & Innisfil. Our Orthotics lab give us complete control of the type of orthotic we dispense.

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MyoDynamic Health is your local Chiropractic Clinic in Barrie & Innisfil.

Our experienced Registered Massage Therapists at MyoDynamic Barrie and Innisfil provide a high-quality and luxurious massages.

Our Acupuncturist at MyoDynamic Health create a personalized approach to treatment that enables our patients to reach their rehabilitation goals qu

Although our most popular custom knee braces are DonJoy, MyoDynamic also sells Ossur, Bauerfeind, Breg and more..

MyoDynamic Health is a privately run business, that is locally owned and operated in Barrie and Innisfil.

A concussion impacts the overall function of the brain, and as a result, it cannot be detected by MRI/brain scans.

Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy is a multidisciplinary device used in orthopaedics, physiotherapy and sports medicine.

MyoDynamic Health design all types of orthotics from soft to rigid materials depending on the type of condition.

MyoDynamic Health provides custom and non-custom AFO's for patients that experience foot drop.

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