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Compression Socks
20-30mmHG medically graded compression to prevent varicose veins, swelling and fatigue.

Compression Socks Barrie & Innisfil

Are medical compression socks for me?

If you are on your feet for long durations, an athlete, travel or just find that your legs are fatiguing faster than they have in the past, then medical compression socks may be beneficial for you. Let our staff at MyoDynamic help you get custom fitted for medical grade compression stockings in Barrie today!

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Do your legs swell and easily become fatigued?

There are multiple compression levels within a medical grade sock. The compression levels for the socks are tightest around the ankle (30mmHg) (100%), and gradually decrease up the leg (20mmHg), which in turn will prevent any pooling of blood/fluids within the lower limbs. This will force the blood upwards to improve circulation and in-turn promote endurance, lower limb health, while preventing swelling, achy legs, varicose/spider veins and blood clotting.

What are varicose veins?

Over time the valves in your veins become weak and do not function as well as they use to. The blood begins to pool and discolouration sets in, these veins are known as varicose or spider veins. Do not wait to get medical compression stockings if you see this, the symptoms will typically get worse, meaning more blood pooling and discolouration in your lower limbs.

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C. Ped (C) & Clinic Owner

Certified Compression Sock Fitter

He has had extensive training that specializes in the custom fit & off the shelf sizing for compression socks. Dan is dedicated to his patients rehabilitation and patient satisfaction at his clinic. Dan started MyoDynamic as a local Pedorthic clinic in Barrie, and has grown MyoDynamic's reputation as to what it is today.... see more

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C. Ped (C)

Certified Compression Sock Fitter

Lauren has been dispensing medical compression socks in Barrie since 2011. She knows having lower limb discomfort can be frustrating and can impede on everyday life...see more

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Do I have to pay for my assessment?
How do I purchase medical grade compression stockings?
15-20 mmHg
20-30 mmHg (Most Common)
30-40 mmHg
40-50 mmHg