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Compression stockings are used for various reasons, from athletic performance to medical condition prevention. Continue reading if you believe you could benefit from custom compression socks from MyoDynamic Health. 

MyoDynamic Health has certified pedorthists to help you find the right fit for your compression socks. Our Pedorthists are educated in measuring custom fitted compression, deciding what compression sock materials are best suitable for your everyday lifestyle and what medical grade compression would be recommended for you.

MyoDynamic Health has everything you need to find the right custom fit for compression socks. To buy our medical-grade compression socks, we ask that you first book an assessment with us. As our way of giving back, there is no charge for this assessment and no pressure to purchase. Find a location near you in Barrie or Innisfil, ON!

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What Are Compression Socks?

Compression stockings are snug-fitting socks that apply gentle pressure to the legs and ankles. Average compression socks use graduated compression, making them tighter around the ankle with a looser fit up the leg.

The pressure in compression socks assists the blood vessels in your legs to promote blood flow back to the heart. The constant movement of blood reduces the chance of blood pooling in the veins and making a clot. This ability is why compression socks are often used to treat varicose/spider veins, deep vein thrombosis, or other circulation problems.

Athletes can also benefit from compression socks to improve blood flow and oxygen as they train. Compression socks can even help facilitate a quicker post-workout or competition recovery.

While these are the main uses for compression socks, they can be useful for preventative measures or for anyone sitting or standing for long periods.

Where to Buy Compression Socks

You can buy compression socks over the counter online or in many drugstores. A doctor can also prescribe compression stockings.

However, when purchasing compression socks over the counter, you will get generic, mass-produced options that might not fit the way they should. At MyoDynamic Health, we can provide custom fitted medical compression socks to ensure you get the support you need.

Medical-Grade Compression Socks

Medical-grade compression socks can come in several compression levels for adequate pressure. Our custom fitted compression socks offer graduated compression, being the tightest around the ankle (30mmHg) and decreasing intensity up the leg (20mmHg). You can choose from several colors to match your style.

Non-Medical-Grade Compression Socks

The primary difference between medical-grade and over-the-counter options is the compression levels, graduation levels (to bring blood flow back to the heart), and accuracy of a customized fit. MyoDynamic Health can also fit you for non-medical-grade compression sock options, providing pressure from 8-15mmHg to 15-20mmHg.

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Dan Steffens Owner & Pedorthist

Dan Steffens

C. Ped. (C)

Location: Barrie MyoDynamic Health Physiotherapy & Orthotics

Owner & Pedorthist

Born and raised in Barrie, Dan is a very proud owner and founder of MyoDynamic. He has had extensive training that specializes in the manufacture and design of custom orthotics, compression stockings, custom knee braces, orthopaedic shoes, and other foot care products. Dan is dedicated to his patients rehabilitation and satisfaction at his clini... See More

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Lauren Simonds  Pedorthist (Currently on Mat Leave)

Lauren Simonds

C. Ped. (C)

Location: Innisfil MyoDynamic Health Physiotherapy & Orthotics

Pedorthist (Currently on Mat Leave)

Lauren received her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education from Wilfrid Laurier University. Following graduation she completed the post-graduate diploma program in Pedorthics through the University of Western Ontario.

As a Canadian Certified Pedorthist practicing since 2011, Lauren is determined to help people g... See More

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