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Orthotics Barrie & Innisfil 

Book your custom orthotic assessment with one of our Certified Pedorthist's today. If you are in pain, have flat feet or are just curious to see if you are walking correctly, book an appointment today. 

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  Orthotics Laboratory

Barrie Custom Orthotic Assessment
Dan Steffens C. Ped (C)

Extremely Fast turn around time.

2 Year Orthotic Guarantee.  Meaning there will be no charges for any modifications or re-manufacturing.

Orthotic Variety we carry all types of materials in-house so we start your orthotic from scratch and manufacture your orthotics from top quality materials that better fit your needs.

Certified Pedorthic Care.  Dan Steffens & Lauren Simonds are Certified Pedorthist's. Trained in the assessment and manufacturing process of custom orthotics.

Custom Fitted Orthotics to Footwear. We hand-grind the edges of the orthotics to fit perfectly into your everyday shoes.

Pick Your Orthotic Colour! Pick whatever colour you like for the orthotic top-cover & we will put that on at your pick up.

Barrie and Innisfil Orthotics

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    Gait Analysis for Barrie Custom Orthotics
    Gait Analysis - Lauren Simonds C. Ped (C)
    Our Custom Orthotic Goals:

    • Align and alleviate high pressure areas on the feet and lower limbs with the orthotics.
    • Design your orthotics specifically to the contours of your foot structure and your condition.
    • Correctly orient the lower limbs to perform at their optimal level. 
    • Incorporate shock absorption into the orthotic and increase forward propulsion. 
    • Prevent fatigue, aches, pains and torsional strain in the feet and up the leg.
    • Design the orthotics to your lifestyle, whether it's work, sport or just everyday use!

    Dan Steffens Clinic Owner

    Dan Steffens 

    C. Ped (C) & Clinic Owner

    Location: Barrie + Innisfil

    Certified Pedorthist

    Born and raised in Barrie, Dan has had extensive training that specializes in the manufacture and design of custom orthotics. Dan is dedicated to his patients rehabilitation and satisfaction at his clinic. Dan started MyoDynamic as a local Orthotic clinic in Barrie, and has grown MyoDynamic's reputation as to what it is today.... see more

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    Lauren Orthotic Specialist

    Lauren Simonds

    C. Ped (C)

    Location: Barrie + Innisfil

    Certified Pedorthist

    Lauren has been dispensing custom orthotics in Barrie since 2011. She knows having foot or lower limb pain can be a debilitating and frustrating injury effecting work, and everyday life. Lauren has worked nearly 10 years in Barrie, manufacturing orthotics, dispensing braces and compression socks....see more

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    MyoDynamic Custom Orthotics is a privately run business, that is locally owned and operated in Barrie & Innisfil. MyoDynamic Health originated as a Pedorthic clinic, that only dispensed custom orthotics in Barrie and soon grew to become what it is today due to high quality service and demand.

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