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Claudia Periera


Claudia combines a passion for healthcare with a background in sports excellence. She is in the process of completing a Bachelor's degree in Nursing from York University, Claudia brings a strong foundation in patient care and medical administration to every endeavour. With a background in both basketball and rugby, she has consistently demonstrated discipline, teamwork, and a commitment to achieving goals. Her time spent competing in high levels of sports has instilled in her a deep understanding of leadership and perseverance, qualities that translate seamlessly into her professional life.

With a unique blend of medical expertise and administrative acumen, Claudia excels in streamlining operations, optimizing patient care, and fostering collaborative environments. Her education has served as a cornerstone, empowering her to make informed decisions and provide exemplary care to patients.

Whether on the court, in the clinic, or behind the scenes, Claudia consistently strives for excellence

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